Nothing is certain

except “death” & “tax”.

Franklin Benjamin

All of our activities are exposed to taxes. We should always think about the tax issue. It is not a good idea to pay excessive taxes.

This is legitimate and is a top priority management consideration.

TED and Associates and Partners can reasonably observe and estimate the various TAX Effects.

We can think together with you the STRUCTURAL SETTLEMENT solution.

If you do global business, your taxes can be structurally reduced. This also affects inheritance and gift taxes.

※ Disclaimer & Notice

  • Providing TAX consulting service in Korea are available by the licensee only.
  • In Korea, TED and Associates does not have license.
  • In Korea, TED and Associates does not provide TAX consulting service by ourselves.
  • In Korea, TED and Associates provide service related in general management consulting strategy and TAX can be included in.
  • In Korea, TED and Associates can support Partners providing TAX Consulting.
  • Even all case above, there is no decision making power to TED and Associates and partners. Decision-making power remains in the person in charge of corporate and the full responsibility remains with the management of corporate.