TED and Associates provides advice on corporate asset portfolio management.

Overseas affiliates of Korean companies often suffer from cash shortage because the headquarter located in South Korea does not know much how to manage their asset portfolio abroad and foreign currency in both side.

On the other hand, foreign companies who don’t know Korea often miss out on revenue-generating opportunities because they don’t know how to manage their asset portfolios in Korea.

TED and Associates and partners can advise on asset portfolio management in business activities.

※ Disclaimer & Notice

  • Providing investment advice to individual or professional investors are only available by the licensee.
  • TED and Associates does not provide investment advice service to individual or professional investors.
  • Only when corporate is required to have advice on the asset portfolio, TED and Associates or partners advise the person in charge of corporate.
  • When TED and Associates or partners are providing outsourcing service of the finance department of corporate, it is a principle to enter into an outsourcing contract rather than advising contract of asset portfolio.
  • Even all case above, there is no decision making power to TED and Associates and partners. Decision-making power remains in the person in charge of corporate and the full responsibility remains with the management of corporate.