Foreigners can stay in the Korea according to their status of stay and durations of stay as stated on the visa.

Foreigners must possess status of stay for employment to work in the Korea, and can only work for the assigned jobs.

Eligible status of stay for employment are as below:

  • Short-term Employee (C-4)
  • Professor (E-1)
  • Foreign Language Instructor (E-2)
  • Researcher (E-3)
  • Technical Instructor/Technician (E-4)
  • Professional (E-5)
  • Arts/Athlete (E-6)
  • Foreign National of Special Ability (E-7)
  • Non-professional (E-9)
  • Maritime Crew (E-10)
  • Resident (F-2)
  • Overseas Korean (F-4)
  • Permanent Resident (F-5)
  • Marriage Migrant (F-6)
  • Working Holiday (H-1)
  • Work and Visit (H-2)

Resident (F-2) VISA has the most autonomy.

Choose the visa that best suits you.

Person more than 55 years old and their unmarried children

If you or your parents are over 55 years old, you can purchase a South Korean government bond of US$300,000 to obtain a residence visa (F-2) for free economic activities. After 5 years, you or your parents can apply Korean Permanent Resident Visa (F-5). After having Permanent Resident Visa (F-5), you can apply Korean Citizenship.

This VISA can be applied to dependent family member including wife and unmarried children.